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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Man

I was making dinner last night, and doubling it so we could send some to a family at church who will be dealing with surgery and hospitalization this week, when I told Rich that I had a huge craving for Chinese food. Broccoli beef, kung pao chicken, sweet and sour pork, you know the whole deal. He asked why I didn't just change dinner and make something like that, but since I was making the meal for the other family, it would have meant making two different dinners. I said I'd thought of just running to the grocery store and picking some up at the deli, but it wasn't very good, and the restaurants in town that did make decent Chinese were too expensive for what you got. There was this place in Tacoma we'd eaten at before and liked, but I couldn't remember the name, and I didn't feel like heading over there anyway, so I was just going to wait until I got a chance to go somewhere with good food at a later time.

Rich had a meeting with a friend of his, so he left for that and I was thinking of writing a post asking for recommendations for a good and not too expensive Chinese place between Bremerton and Puyallup (which I'd still be interested in), since outside of Seattle, there really aren't that many Chinese places, we have mostly Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese with a little Korean here and there. I finished making dinner, and we sat down to eat. About half way through dinner, Rich came in with his friend, put a bag of Chinese take out in front of me, removed my dinner plate, gave me a new one and put mine at his spot at the table. I just laughed and laughed, I couldn't believe he had done that.

They had gone to Tacoma looking for the restaurant I had mentioned (which had closed), and found another place run by a hard working family, and bought all this food. The children and I will be eating it for lunch today, there was so much left over. Not bad.

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What a sweetheart! Good for him, and good for you. :)

Mike is good at things like this too. We would a lot better off financially if he didn't like to satisfy my every whim....But I'm not complaining. You deserve it!-rlr
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