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Monday, February 25, 2008

Menu Plan Monday: February 25

It is leap day this Friday! Too bad it doesn't give us an extra day in this week. Four years ago, when we were scheduling Amira's birthday, Rich lobbied heavily for a February 29 delivery. It fell on a Sunday, and was two weeks before her due date, so that didn't happen. Amira is still healing well, and our biggest problem is trying to keep her from hurting herself again, since she seems to think that she can fly around the house at all speeds with no consequences.

I am getting ready to plan my first girly birthday party. Amira's birthday is on the 10th, and she now has built in girly friends from ballet. So, we are having a fairy princess tea party, complete with wings, crowns, tea sandwiches, scones, cake and milky tea in nice china cups. We are looking at having six little girls in frilly clothes, having frilly food, and squealing quite a bit. I'm in the middle of cleaning up house and yard in preparation.

Meanwhile this is our menu for this week. I will provide recipes on request, and some I plan to post later anyway.

What is on your menu this week?

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Have a blast with the birthday party. Wish I was there so I could loan you some teapots :)

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