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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Bad News

We suspect that this:

caused this:

Thta last picture was taken yesterday, just before Elijah went back to the doctor, his fourth day on Zyrtec. He woke up Thursday morning with a bad rash on the side of his face, just below his temples where his mask was most tightly fixed, and across his left cheek. By Friday, it had spread across his face and ears, and was starting on his neck. We took him to the doctor, and he was given the prescription. After talking about all the possibilities, the obvious seemed to be it, a latex allergy. We were told that we could only give him a half dose of benedryl in between his once a day zyrtec, because otherwise he might overdose. As the weekend moved on, his face got puffier and redder, and we were not seeing any improvement, so we took him back in yesterday. They gave him a steroid prescription, which seems to be helping. The puffiness was reduced quite a bit this morning. We've also been using a triple anti-biotic cream on his face, to avoid any infection from his scratching the rash and dry skin, and slathering on cetaphil any time we remember.

So, please be in prayer for Elijah. Rich and I are not entirely convinced this is a latex allergy, rather than an allergy to something specific in his poisonous Chinese plastic mask, since he's been exposed to latex during surgery, in the NICU and at every post surgical check up (and in rather a sensitive spot, too). In any case, he's doing better, and we want him to recover and heal quickly,

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Yikes! That looks awfully unpleasant, and I sincerely hope it's not some sort of latex allergy. (Allergies do show up out of nowhere sometimes, so it's totally plausible that he is just now getting an allergy to latex, possibly due in part to so many prior exposures. I think people working in health care are more likely than others to get latex allergies.)

There is a benadryl cream that may work better than oral benadryl (or maybe with oral benadryl, if your doctor allows).
Oh poor guy. I know he had to be miserable. I hope you figure out if he is allergic. Just remember, if it is a latex allergy, the next he is exposed it can be more severe. Everytime will get worse, to where it could swell his throat closed. That is a serious allergy, if that is what it is.
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