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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday: ABCs in the Bathroom

I know this sounds bizarre, but let me explain. What parent doesn't have trouble getting his child to wash hands long enough and properly? I frequently observed our children waving their hands over the soap and dashing their fingers in the running water, wiping their hands on the towel as they ran past and leaving the bathroom with "clean" hands. We also had the need to teach our children the alphabet.

So, what is a parent to do? Why combine them of course. Two birds with one stone and all that. I have the younger children sing the alphabet song all the way through while getting soap on their hands and rubbing them under the water. Children are compulsive enough that if they mess up the alphabet, they will start over, so this solves the problem of time, even if they sing quickly. In the meantime, they are practicing their alphabet and reinforcing alphabetical order.

Our older children, of course, already know the alphabet, so this doesn't apply to them. If I catch them washing too quickly, though, I tell them to do so as well. Kind of remedial handwashing and alphabetical order all together. Maybe I'll have them start on the Greek alphabet.


When I read this to Denise, she suggested the older kids could recite the multiplication tables. Might keep that in mind!

This is great for little kids. I just got some Squid soap. www.squidsoap.com

My daughter loves it and has gotten really excited about washing her hands.
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