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Monday, October 22, 2007

Menu Plan Monday: October 22

Last week was so busy! Monday, I ended up having to go to the doctor, because I wasn't feeling well. That night, we had a cub scouts meeting, Tuesday, Elijah had his last post-op physical check up (all clear, but his surgeon wants him to get annual AFP tests still, with the pediatrician, for a while longer), that night, we had home group, Wednesday we had two different activities for the children, Rich took three of them to one, I took two of them to another, and that night I had a homeschool meeting with some other mothers in our area, Thursday, we had the pack meeting for the boys, Friday, there were our normal end of week activities, plus a book signing at the shop. The weekend was just as full. I worked at the shop on Saturday and visited with our neighbors after that (the children went over to play with their daughter, or her toys at least), Sunday we had church, then Alexander's den had a field trip, then we had to rush home because we were hosting a field trip for Dominic's den, had dinner quickly and got the kids in bed so the Laudate kids could come. All of this on top of homeschooling and trying to keep some semblance of order in the house. Whew!

I missed a party Saturday evening, because I was so worn out, I just didn't want to go. This week is fairly quiet, and I am glad. We don't have one evening commitment we usually have, no cub scout meetings, not much extra for fun or work, and it's the break week for Dominic and Elijah's gymnastics class. We are getting together with some friends of the boys from their school last year, after we finish lessons today. Other than that, no doctors, no extra classes except Amira's ballet, and normal schedules.

Normal is good. I'd much rather have a predictable, calm week.

What is on your menu this week?

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