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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Family Photos

It's been a long time since I posted pictures, and I know my cousin said she was going to check the blog, so I ought to put some recent ones up for her and you.

This was the first field trip the children took. Rich took them to our local nursery which has a little seedlings club for children to learn about plants and do crafts. They do it once a month, and the kids get coupons to take home to parents so they will buy things at the nursery.

They also enter each child in a drawing for a prize. Since out of the 10 children, four of them were ours, we kind of had a higher chance of winning. Elijah was so excited to win something, and he has been having fun working in the garden with his tools.

Since there were three tools in the set, and we had four children there, Rich asked if there were any other similar tools he could buy. There were, so he picked up a fourth tool for the children to share.

There aren't the best photos, but I did manage to get a few shots of Elijah and Dominic doing their stretching and gymnastics practice.

Dominic is the closer one in the green tank top and Elijah is just past him.

Jerome climbed into his sister's rocking chair and had a great time rocking.

Here is the famiy eating at the Moscow Food Co-op. I wish I had gotten some pictures of everyone in the arboretum. It was lovely. We even had a local fellow from Rich's conference who gave us a tour.

While Rich was in his meetings during the day, the children and I did lessons and explored the area. We only found one yarn shop, which shared a building with a quilt shop. The owner of the shop was at the conference the first night, though, because her husband works in airport management. He really did a good job plugging her shop to me the first night, also, when he saw me knitting. He seemed very supportive of her shop.

We also visited the McConnell Mansion and learned a lot about the history of the area and that house.

That's it for photos now. I got a bit of knitting done while we travelled with Rich. It took me a day to make any progress, though, because I kept having to rip out the hem. I finally gave up and decided that one side would be sewn, but that is getting into the subject of my next post.


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