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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Comical Critique

Not a lot of time to post right now. I have about three or four posts waiting to be written. In the meantime, I saw this satire (it is not real, this is a joke) of Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn's unused audio commentary to the Fellowship of the Ring. Part two can be found here.

I especially loved this:

Zinn: Right. And here we receive our first glimpse of the supposedly dreadful Mordor, which actually looks like a fairly functioning place.

Chomsky: This type of city is most likely the best the Orcs can do if all they have are cliffs to grow on. It's very impressive, in that sense.

Zinn: Especially considering the economic sanctions no doubt faced by Mordor. They must be dreadful. We see now that the Black Riders have been released, and they're going after Frodo. The Black Riders. Of course they're black. Everything evil is always black. And later Gandalf the Grey becomes Gandalf the White. Have you noticed that?

This is exactly how they talk about places like Cuba. This person is spot on in the satire. Enjoy!


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