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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ballerina Tank Top Progress

Evidently in the time it took for me to finish the back and start the front, I forgot how to smoothly knit the hem up. I did it and ripped out five times, before I decided that the front hem would just have to be sewn, so I could continue knitting. Now that I am much further along, I think I remember how I did it, but I'm not ripping back to try it again. It is possible for me to finish this before the end of this month, but unless we get a hot spell, I won't be wearing this until spring at the earliest. So much for getting a quick summer knit made this year. It is for me, however, and finishing more for myself was a goal of mine.

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First I need to say that your children are DARLING!!! next I am wondering when we will be getting our matches for the colorswap. Or did I miss out? - Briana now at: http://honeybknits.blogspot.com/
Thank you so much for the compliment about the children. I certainly won't argue.

As for the swap matches, you should have gotten yours either Monday or Tuesday. Check your spam box for my arabianknits address, and I'll see if I had anything returned to me. I sent out the pairings, but haven't posted the announcement here.
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