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Thursday, September 06, 2007


We keep our plastic tupperware/rubbermaid containers in a big drawer in our kitchen. Between the plasticware reproducing, and our children's creativity in putting things away, we have to reorganize it a couple times a month.

Jerome wanted to start being more responsible around the house and help us out last week, so he started with that drawer.

Why should his father have to do all that work when he comes home, when Jerome can do it for him?

He's less than a week from walking. He stands on his own for a little at a time, and he's been cruising around the furniture for quite a while. Just last week he went from having to have a hand on something while he stood to standing so long as he was holding something like a bottle, or block or book. He seemed to think that so long as he had his hands on something, he was being supported.


I used to find bowls and lids in the strangest places. Toy boxes, dresser drawers, on heads and filleds with lego men.
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