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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Richest of Riches

Homeschooling has been going very well this week. There has only been one problem. I was exhausted! We're not very good at going to sleep on time anyway, and I had prep work and things to do around the house, and was reading on my own, and well, I was getting about four hours of sleep at night, sometimes more, sometimes less. When I was dragging yesterday afternoon, I added up my sleep, and realized I had slept about 12 hours from Sunday night through Tuesday night. Getting up at 5:00 was supposed to make me want to go to bed at a decent hour, but we're not there yet.

So, this morning, Rich turned off the alarm, got up, did our chores, got the children awake, made breakfast and fed everyone while he let me sleep in until 6:30. That meant that I had nearly seven hours of sleep. What a blessing!

I came into the kitchen where he was frying eggs, and pancetta (we had some that need to be used), had toast out and milk for everyone. When I told him that he hadn't gotten me up, he said of course not, he knew I needed to sleep. Then he made me a plate. So, we ended up starting school about 15 minutes late this morning, but we caught up pretty quickly.

Anyway, between the lack of sleep and homeschool, I still haven't sent out partners for September. I will be posting the September partners and participants between tonight and tomorrow. I have a little backlog of posts that I've been scribbling about here that I hope to get up soon as well.

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