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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Red and Pink Packages

I have been remiss in not posting these. I will rectify that immediately.

First off, I got the best red package from Yvonne in Germany. There was German "Kool Aid," Gummi Bears, cranberry scented lotion, a face mask, dpns with red gummi bear looking point protectors on them (Elijah wanted to know if he could eat them). She also made me a card that was just beautiful. Her card, meanwhile is still here. It, and a few treats I meant to go in her package were left at home outside of the box when I went to the post office. I may try to send them for Christmas, because I keep forgetting to just take them with me and send them while I'm in town.

Of course, there was also yarn. Enough of one to make a sleeveless top for me, or a sweater for Amira. Thank you again Yvonne!

Now for the pink, this:

is what I ripped through when I opened my box from Penny. She sent me an embarassment of riches, I cannot even begin to list it all. There was lip gloss and lip balm, blush and an eye shadow, dusting powder, body spray, bath gel, three kinds of yarn, fringe trim to add to a purse or costume, a pink bag, a bracelet, a nail file and mirror, I'm sure I'm forgetting something. It was just astonishing to keep pulling more and more out of this little box.

Oh, you can't see the cute little furry caterpillar! This delighted Jerome, he thought it was so funnny. It has a light up ball in the middle that you shake to make work, and it rattles and lights up. He was beside himself.

Thank you Penny!

Oh boy you got some great stuff!

From what I can see the yarn (red and even the pink) is beautiful. Can't wait to see what you make with the yarn.
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