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Monday, September 17, 2007

Menu Plan Monday: September 17

The crock pot meatloaf I made last week was okay. The flavor was fine, but there weren't the crunchy edges that we love, and I think I will go back to my free form loaves in the oven. I did think that using the crockpot for scalloped potatoes would probably work and free up the oven for the meatloaf, without worrying about timing issues.

What is on your menu this week

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Have you ever tried a loaf in the crockpot? I made dough, greased crockpot really well, baking paper would probably work too. Rolled out a large circle of dough and pushed it into crockpot so that dough came up the sides several centimetres. Roll out dough in circle for a lid. Fill hole in centre with some sort of casserole using meat, mince or chicken or steamed vegetables. Something with a fairly pronounced flavour. Not really moist with a lot of liquid or it will boil out. Cover with lid of dough and pinch edges of dough together to seaal. Cover crockpot. Cook on low several hours and serve with a good salad. Extends the protein in the casserole, tastes good and cooks without much effort or attention.
I love black-eyed peas~ Yummy!

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