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Monday, September 10, 2007

Menu Plan Monday: September 10

Our first week of homeschooling was great. There were some things I had to change in our schedule, though. So, I think I have a good working schedule now. The boys are loving Latin, and are excited about history. We're starting with Creation and working through the ancient world this year. Our first projects, though, were just to get them to learn more about history, historians and archaeology, so we're finishing up a family history book, in which they interview family members. We're also doing a dig in our yard on Saturday.

Rich is handling art and PE, I think I said that before. Anyway, he's having them do push ups, sit ups and jumping jacks, and we joined the local Y, so we can get them all in swimming lessons. Amira started ballet last Friday, and she was adorable! I brought the camera, but the batteries died, so another mother took some photos and she's supposed to email them to me. We signed up Dominic and Elijah for gymnastics at the Y, but we have to wait to see if they got in. They will be in the same class, so I won't have to go twice a week. Our local Y is starting a homeschool PE class in late October, so we may join that since we are already paying for the membership.

On a different note, I want to encourage you to visit Liberty Ark and read the latest AP article about the RFIDs that our government wishes to force on all people who keep animals, even companion animals and animals that will not be sold for food. Turns out that they cause cancer in the animals, and that the studies have been out for about a decade. But the USDA is concerned about the health of these animals. If you care about helping small farmers who actually have a stake in keeping healthy animals (because their customers know where they got their food and can put those farmers out of business if they pass on sick animals or bad eggs or dairy), or farmers markets, or just families who like to keep animals for their own use, even if you are just concerned about the implications of a "national herd" taking precedence over private ownership and liberty, please contact your senators and representative in congress to let them know that you disagree with the NAIS, and want them to work against it. The only entities who benefit from it are the manufacturers of the tags, and big meat and dairy producers who are the only ones who can be linked to diseased and mismanaged food. Think about the recalls on ground beef recently and all the chicken recalls and other food scares, and ask yourself if you really think they are concerned about the health of their animals and your safety. It is the small farmer who has a real reason to keep his livestock healthy. He can't just recall and pay off the legal claims. His livelihood is lost if he makes his customers sick.

What is on your menu this week?

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