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Monday, August 13, 2007

Best Freecycle Score!

Have I mentioned how much I love Freecycle? I love Freecycle.

This past month I 've been able to get rid of all sorts of things that were cluttering up our house. I'm still working on emptying out our closets and drawers of things that we don't need, that others might find useful. We are making room for the things we use and want, this way.

Well, I also use Freecycle to pick up things we could use or have been wanting and I recently picked up something I've been wanting for our family for some time. Someone was offering a Riverside Shakespeare, and I got it! It is as big as a family Bible, and the pages are as thin as a Bible's. I've been enjoying reading through the plays and poems and can't wait for the children to be old enough to enjoy reading them (as opposed to seeing the plays, which I think anyone can enjoy).

If you haven't yet discovered Freecycle, check them out. You can help others by offering the things you have and no longer need, it stays relatively local, and the landfills don't get filled up with your discards.

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We have been on freecycle for many months now and have found it to be a wonderful group.
You can find almost anything on freecycle.
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