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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Blog is Back

Though it is still making me do that word verification thing. I'm wary of filling out that form again, since it is what blocked my blog in the first place and left it open for a spammer to steal it.

Friday, I had blogger swallow a post. Then I rewrote it and found the word verification on it. I did that, and the post never showed up. So I clicked on the little question mark, found the form to have my blog manually evaluated and waited. That afternoon, I received a post that I was approved and that all should be well. Not so. The post I wrote Friday never was posted, and after I tried to log out and log back in as they advised, my whole blog went missing. Evidently, they count you as guilty until proven innocent, rather than the other way around.

I checked my dashboard. The posts and template still showed up on my dashboard, but nothing showed up until Tuesday, my birthday, too, when an actual spammer used my blog url. All my writing to blogger didn't net me a reply, but it does seem to have brought back my blog.

Just in case, though, I'm thinking of signing up on just about every other service and setting it up as arabianknits at blogcity, wordpress, typepad, etc for redundancy.

I'm pleased that my blog is back, but the word verification on all my new and edited posts is still there.


OMG!! I wondered what happened to your blog!!

I tried blogging a couple of Fridays ago and had a similar problem. Thank goodness it wasn't like yours. But I posted and couldn' see it at all!! Crazy!

Welcome Back!
I am so glad to have you back!

I hope that never happens to you or any other blogger again.
So glad you are back. Okay be it selfish reasons I want to do the pink swap ;-)
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