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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday: Free Family Films

"Mama, I'm bored!"

Do you ever hear that over the summer? Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer wants to know how we combat summer boredom.

To be honest, we rarely hear that around our house, what with the built in playmates the children have in each other. However, something that we do that pre-empts any of the boredom, is we find out what activities are going on in our area, so we have a place to visit, or an activity we can do together that is interesting and fun.

One thing we learned about recently is that Regal Cinemas has a nine week Free Family Film Festival over the summer. It is in the morning, and first come, first served, because they cannot fill the theaters beyond their capacity, but they do G rated and PG rated movies for free for children and their parents. We already are looking at going to three movies this summer, and all it takes is being willing to be early enough to wait in line. Since the movie is free, the outrageous popcorn prices won't hurt so much and our children will be able to enjoy a movie during a child friendly time at the theater.

Finding fun, free activities to do with our children works for me!

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