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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

How Do I Love Thee?

Reasons Number 4721 & 4722

I told Rich that I was planning on making these pants (and the top), to learn how to put in a zipper.

The first thing he said, with no looks or promptings from me, was that I would look so much better in them than that stick model.

The second thing he said was that he was hoping I was making them in a solid color so I wouldn't have to worry about making the pinstripes perfectly straight.

I love this man. He thinks I look better than the thin models, and he takes real interest in what I like to do.

Also, I want those peekaboo toe heels the model has on in the picture on the right. Anyone who can find me a pair like those in a 7 1/2 for less than $50 will be my new best friend. Sorry, Rich.

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Here are some:


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