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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday: Teaching Generosity to Children

There are certain events and holidays in which we know the kids are going to get lots of stuff. Birthdays and Christmas, especially, are times when they are given many gifts. We are very purposeful about teaching the children to be happy for other people receiving good, and keeping the focus on the religious significance of a holiday or the experience of a birthday rather than all the stuff. The problem is how to do it, when it is so easy for a young mind to see all the things and think that is what the day is about.

There are three things we do that have helped:

The rewards of this kind of training are great. It really isn't hard, and the kids love feeling like they can give to others. It is a simple way to grow in grace, to do a corporal work of mercy and to encourage a spirit of generosity in the family. It also helps them to be giving and open handed with their siblings.

Teaching children to be generous works for me!

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Those look like great ideas!

I would love to sign up for the June Colorswap, but the "email Ranee" button isn't working for me in either IE or Mozilla.
We have been doing some of the same things. Something we just started is "Soldiers Angels". We adopted an soldier, who is serving in Iraq. We send letters and care packages. Each of the kids will help me write some of the letters. Olivia wrote and sent hers just a few days ago.
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