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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Second Sewing Success

And, again, completely unsupervised! I am so proud of myself. It may seem like some little, easy pillow, but I am sew retarded. Also my mom never allowed me to take things like home ec in school, because she didn't want me learning all those traditional female things, and betraying the sisterhood and all that. So, I am literally learning how to read patterns, cut fabric, thread a sewing machine, wind a bobbin, etc from scratch as an adult.

So, here is Jerome's new pillow.

He was really excited to see it this morning. I finished the slip stitching last night, and it isn't perfect, but it doesn't look any worse than a pillow you'd get at a store. edited to add: I didn't give credit where credit is due. I forgot to mention that Amira helped me stuff this pillow. She was so thrilled to pull out the polyfill and shove it inside. We had a great time doing that together. I think she might be sad when she finds out we only have a pillow form to put in her pillow. The fact that it is pink! with a bow! and floral patterns! should help mitigate that.

Amira is already impatient because I haven't made her pillow yet. We've picked out the fabric, I have the pattern, and the pillow form, so I will probably get on that this week or next. Then aprons, and skirts and dresses and shirts and pants and...Oh, I am so excited! Sewing is so fast compared to knitting, so it's like instant gratification.

While Rich was taking the older kids bike riding yesterday, I took Jerome with me to a couple fabric stores. There is a small, locally owned one in a town to the north of us, and there is the Evil Empire (JoAnns) nearby, where Simplicity patterns were $0.99 each and I had three coupons, so I went to both. There were loads of Cars licensed fabrics at the small shop, and even though they were expensive, I picked up a little so I could make a shirt for one of the boys, and I bought an overpriced kit for a Cars pillowcase which should go together pretty quickly. Elijah actually said he wanted to sit next to me during family prayers last night, just because I bought Cars fabric. He sidled up to me and said "Thank you for buying my Cars pillowcase Mama!" and gave me a huge hug and kiss. When all else fails, buy them off, right?

How important is it to preshrink 100% cotton fabric if you are using 100% cotton thread to sew it? Can you tell I am eager to start cutting and sewing?

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Hi Ranee...

I followed the link to your blog from Sew Retro (not a member, just a reader!) and thought I'd say, prewashing fabric is a must! :) I grew up with a mom who managed a fabric store and sewed nearly all of my clothing growing up, as well as doing the alterations, etc, for a mens suit store... anyway, she sews like a fiend, and most of her stuff turns out like high-end store bought stuff. But there was one thing she drilled into me and my sisters (aside from NEVER EVER leave a dropped pin on the floor) and that was to pre-wash and machine dry all your fabrics (unless, for some reason, the fabric can't be washed and dried, like wool). That way, you don't get surprised by any unwanted shrinking after you've made your garments (or pillows or whatever) making them not fit like they're supposed to.

That's my two cents. Have fun sewing!
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