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Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Randomizer Strikes Again

Amira is very good at saying things that make absolutely no sense. She does it quite articulately. Here's the latest example. Her brothers Alexander and Dominic have been very much into developing their sense of humor. They tell jokes all the time. So, Amira wanted in on the fun.

This morning at breakfast, she told us a joke:

Q: What kind of ladybug can you eat?

A: A berry!

It actually wasn't any less funny than most of her brothers', but at least they try to make some sort of sense out of theirs. This is also better than her habit of having monologues with other people, e.g.

Amira (to her brother, any brother): Do you remember when we went to the fair and rode on the balloons? Say yeah.

We figure at some point she will no longer need to tell the other person what to say, and will just go ahead and say it for him.

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Hilarious! I love the stuff kids come up with. Really enjoyed your essay above as well.
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