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Saturday, May 05, 2007

More from the Where Did They Hear That? File

We just got back from dinner and dancing. It has been a long week, and we were glad to get to go out to have some fun with another couple. We went to a hole in the wall type Mexican restaurant which had incredible food, it was also nearly empty because most people were out at those ghastly chains eating pseudo-Mexican. It was pretty inexpensive, and margaritas were only $3.00. Great fun! We danced almost every dance, and cracked ourselves up, because we were tired and punchy. I'm posting this now, because I didn't want to forget it later.

I spent the first part of the day at the yarn shop, and Rich did some chores around the house and yard that we haven't had a chance to get to for a long time. It was beautiful today, so the kids got to play outside most of the afternoon. While Rich was inside changing Jerome's diaper, though, he heard Amira call from the kitchen that she needed a broom, because she had to sweep. He asked her to repeat.

"I need to sweep! It's dirty and nasty in here - and whose sock is this on the floor?"

That's my girl!

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That is so funny--you'll be glad of her help in a few years!
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