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Saturday, May 19, 2007

I Have Found It!

Last night Rich made dinner. I had a headache and was exhausted, so he came home, thawed some shrimp, scrubbed and microwaved some potatoes and heated up the deep fryer. He cut the potatoes into steak fries and fried those first, seasoned some flour for the shrimp, peeled them and got to work frying those, too.

After feeding the kids, he was still frying up some of the stuff in the kitchen (our house still smells like a Chinese restaurant), and tasted what looked like a particularly nice and crisp steak fry. He exclaimed Eureka! and waxed poetic about how he had discovered the perfect french fry.

Amira piped up from the dining table: "Paperika?"

I said no, not Paprika, he said Eureka.

Amira: I'm not Reka!

The randomizer strikes back.

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