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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Because I Need More Yarn

I've been wanting to try Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Dyed Cotton for some time, and here is an opportunity to do so for free. You all know that I love contests, so I really couldn't pass this up. Ali over at Skeins Her Way is having a pre-summer contest, and she's offering her pattern for a Fitted Tank along with four skeins of the cotton to make it. So, I had to enter. I just couldn't help myself. The only question now is which color should I choose? I'm thinking of one of four: Circus Peanut, Shrimp, Thistle or Tomato. What do you think?

Circus Peanut

If you want to enter this contest, please tell Ali that I sent you!

As for my summer knitting goals, mostly it is to knit some tops for me. With the whole learn to sew project, I can make skirts, pants and shorts that fit and that I like, and what would be better than a knitted top wardrobe to go with them? I do have another goal of getting more of my own designs ready to be sold. Oh, and to make a lace shawl that I don't give away! So, three goals.

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Great goals list! Thanks for playing.
And I agree, there are too many great colors in their line... it's so hard to choose just one!
Happy knitting (and now sewing)-
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