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Monday, April 23, 2007

Menu Plan Monday: April 23

Alexander and Dominic are in the Wizard of Oz, as I think I've mentioned before. They have made their names in the school's play productions, so they are now no longer relegated to the chorus and other general spots for the little kids. They get to play along with the middle school and high school kids, Alexander as a flying monkey and Dominic as one of the Munchkins. Play practice begins in earnest this next week, so I am relying on a lot of long cooking, low maintenance and very quickly prepared meals.

We were able to buy 10 pounds of strawberries for $0.99 a pound this week at one of our favorite produce stores, so Rich is going to help me make a little batch of jam, and we will be eating them fresh and I'll make some topping for a cheesecake for the potluck when our Bishop makes his episcopal visit this next weekend. We haven't seen him since last summer, I think, so it will be nice to have him celebrate the mass at church on Sunday, but he is coming with his wife for the whole weekend, so we will all get to visit a bit more than the usual one day. This man is amazing, he remembers us in prayer, by name and situation, even after meeting us only once. We are in a mission diocese, so he covers a lot of ground, and he still remembers our names, family situations and prayer concerns even though we only see him about twice a year. We are blessed to have him as our bishop. He loves the Lord, and he loves the people he shepherds.

What is on your menu this week?

Mr. Linky is having problems on Laura's blog, so I cannot link myself there, but I will keep checking and add this later. If you wish to participate, you'll have to add yourself later also.

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Your menu looks great!
♥ Annie
My Life as Annie!
Looks yummy! Thanks for a sharing!
I love stuffed peppers--yummy! Looks like a great week around your house!
That's a bargain on those strawberries, I can't even get prices like that at the pick your own!
I ran into your blog through a web of various links.
I'm curious - why "Arabian" knits? I also noticed on your menu that you were making stuffed items and called them mahshee, the arabic word.
Just wondering what your connection to Arab culture is.
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