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Monday, April 16, 2007

Finished Objects and Works in Progress

I've been knitting and crocheting a little bit more than I could for a while, and so I have some progress to share.

I finished off a pair of toddler mitts for a swap.

I am debating whether or not to either crochet a chain or make an i-cord to connect them and reduce the chance of one getting lost. What do you think?

I also finally finished a crocheted bath puff for myself.

All it needed was the ends woven in, but I just hadn't gotten to it, so I did that on Friday, and now I have a new, pretty bath toy.

Linda's Knit-n-Stitch had a 10% off sale on Brittany Birch needles the same week I called to ask if she had any size one dpns in, so I made my way up there, bought the size ones, and a set of zeros and a couple skeins of Koigu in a lovely purple colorway that I think will become a shawlette. I was highly tempted by a deep bing cherry to almost black colorway, and I'm sitting on my hands so I don't drive right up there tomorrow and buy all of it.

However, since I had the size ones, I could get back to the Wine and Roses Mitts from the Winter Interweave Knits that I was making in Alpaca Glimmer. I'm actually a little farther than this now, but this is the picture I have.

While I was visiting my cousin, I got all of one cable repeat finished on the second Aran Braid sock I've been working on for so long. Since then, I've done another three repeats. So, I may have a pair of socks by this fall! Didn't get any photos of the sock. It is not very interesting progress, just because of how slowly I'm working on it.

I also started a linen washcloth from Knitter's Stash. It seemed like it should not have taken me as long as it has to get as far as I've gotten. I'm a bit over half way through with it, and I like the pattern, and I like how it will end up, but I'm not so thrilled with how tedious it is. I work on it while falling asleep to the Lord of the Rings at night. Somehow working on a dragon scales pattern while watching it seems appropriate.

This is where it was a few nights ago. I have about two more repeats of the dragon scales pattern to go, then six rows of garter st, then I'll be finished. It will be going in a gift basket along with another bath puff, some body wash, lotion, a bar of honey soap and this hair scrunchie I crocheted a while back.

The progress that is most interesting though is, of course, the kids. Alexander and Dominic are in the Wizard of Oz at school, Elijah and Amira both had birthdays and continue to amuse us with comments from the randomizer, and Jerome has four teeth now, and is working on number five. He is eating all sorts of different food, and scooting around on the floor. He can almost sit up without help. Rich evidently took a picture of the two of us sleeping on the couch at the end of February. I cropped it so you cannot see me, since I didn't like that picture of me, asleep, but you can see my darling little boy.

A few days later, we took this picture of him playing with his piano. He's a musical genius. It's even more amazing when you realize he can play Mozart Concertos with only four piano keys.

I have a few more recent shots of the kids that I'll get posted as soon as I can. I also still have all of Amira's birthday and Elijah's birthday to report on here. I've been remiss. There has been a lot going on lately, though, with the holidays and travel, school and family, so that will have to be my excuse.

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Ranee, Jerome is beautiful! What an adorable little muffin! -Barb S
He is as cute as can be!
I really like the hair scrunchie, I will have to make some. Knitted tho, crochet seems to give me some trouble
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