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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Update on Dominic

Dominic's surgery was this morning, and we've been home for a couple hours now. He went in his new Spider Man pajamas that I picked up for him yesterday. They have webs!

It went quickly and well, the doctor said that he had never seen adenoids as large as his, and the tonsils were some of the larger ones he'd seen. Dominic chose not to have the versed, because he said he felt calm enough. So, he walked right on into the surgery with the nurse.

He came out of post-op quickly, and perked up much sooner than we thought he would. He was able to eat half a popsicle and drink a cup of juice pretty easily while he watched Between the Lions on the hospital television. He was also able to breathe through his nose right away, which he hasn't been able to do since he was a baby. He has minimal pain, and we have pain medicine for him. His ears hurt a little when he swallows, but his throat doesn't hurt more than it does normally, he said. We'll what he says see when the medicine wears off.

When we got home, he even walked over to the table for lunch when his brothers went to lunch. They had sandwiches, he had mashed popsicle in a cup. He is looking forward to a dinner of broth and wild strawberry Jell-O.

Thank you for all your prayers.

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What a little toughie! what the dr said about your sons adnoics and tonsils is word for word what the doc said about my middle boys when we had the surgery. He can smell now! And he enjoys food! He can run and breath at the same time. It will be so much better for your lil' guy. My son was up and running in a day. They heal so fast! Before you know it he'll be tearing around again. :) - Briana
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