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Friday, February 23, 2007

Not Much to Post Today

I am hoping that this will be a quiet day. I did my grocery shopping last night, so Dominic wouldn't have to try to brave the grocery store. Normally, I try to do a big trip on Friday, and I'm trying to eliminate the little runs because we forgot something. Anyway, today is also the first day without any help here. Rich's folks came up last weekend, for a bridal shower and because of the long weekend. His dad had to go back Monday, but his mom stayed until yesterday and helped me clean up and organize things, so the house would be in a better state, and I could look after Dominic and Jerome and rest. Rich's dad enlisted Alexander and they cleaned the windows! I was so excited, because I hate cleaning windows - as evidenced by the black liquid that came off of them while they washed. Since our home is still in recovery mode from the power outage and then the ice storm, it was really nice to have people who weren't sick of dealing with it come and clean up.

So, since I have nothing interesting to say, go read some other people who do:

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Leave them comments, and tell them that I sent you. In the case of the Marthas, tell them to start posting new stuff again.

I'm also going to plug Fine Cooking's Website because it is a great cooking magazine, and they are doing a great deal to improve their website.


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