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Friday, February 09, 2007

Mardi Gras

Normally, Rich and I host our church's Shrove Tuesday feast. We fry doughnuts, and eat all sorts of lovely, fatty foods (it turns out the doughnut thing is traditional for Germans, so this is somewhat appropriate for our family). This year, however, we won't be hosting. Dominic's tonsils and adenoids have become such a problem that the surgery we hoped to put off until this summer will be happening on the 20th. Mardi Gras. Dominic will begin the Lenten fast early this year. He will also be missing a week of school, the surgery is scheduled during their President's Day break (this is the first time I've been grateful for that break, though I have a little diatribe about President's Day that will have to be saved for another time). Please say a prayer for him.

We scheduled the surgery yesterday, which is why I didn't post my other couple interest post. I will try to do that today. Also, in a much lesser magnitude than Dominic's need, I am off to mail my submissions to the book people today. Please pray they are received well, and that they are accepted.

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My heart goes out to him. My oldest had his T/A out when he was 4. I one the other hand, was 33 years old. Yes, you read that right. We will keep him in our prayers for a sucessful, safe surgery and a speedy recovery!
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