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Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Last Winner

We have a long history of our children declaring themselves the winners at our meals. This began when we had a babysitter who encouraged them to race to get them to eat all of their dinner. It has worked rather well. About a week ago, Elijah and Amira were still at the dinner table long after everyone else had been excused. Elijah looked up at us and said that he was going to be the "last winner." Last winner indeed. He may not win, but he sure has high self-esteem!

Anyway, I am announcing the first winner, rather than the last one. Melissa left the first, and only, comment on my Ash Wednesday post, which was the 300th post. As soon as I hear from her with an address, I will get her package out to her. Congratulations Melissa!

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I love that - "Last Winner" what a wonderful way to think of it!
Thank you! I can't believe I actually won something! Thank you again!

Melissa B.
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