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Monday, February 05, 2007

Another Milestone

I try not to post things that would embarrass the kids, or at least not too much, because I don't want to do that to them, and because they know I blog and mention them. This is the same reason you don't read much about our family here, we try to preserve their privacy, since I'm the one posting and not them. It is also the reason my best and funniest blog posts don't get posted!

However, we have reached a grand milestone in the Arabian Knits home. We are down to one child in diapers for the first time in, well, a long time. I think there was a short time before Jerome was born, maybe six months or so with just Amira in diapers, but basically for the past six and a half years, we've had at least two children in diapers/pull-ups at all times.

This past week, Amira graduated to big girl panties! Even at night! We are so excited! We hope, one day, to live in a home where we only know the details of our own bathroom experiences. This brings us a little bit closer to that day. She is about a month from turning three, so this makes her the earliest of all the children, but she is a girl and has three older brothers to imitate.

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That's great! Bridget is in panties by day, but still in pullups by night. Someday!
How old is Bridget now? She must be a big girl.

Amira seems to be more like Dominic was, and once she decided she wanted out of diapers, she was out. We did two nights with her in pull-ups, and she objected, so we tried without and it's been clear sailing ever since.
Did you notice a big drop in the amount of garbage you had?
When we had two in diapers at the same time, we always had two cans.
It took a few days for us to realize why we suddenly were down to one can.
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