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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Year End Review and Goals for the New Year

Well, I finished 26 knit items this year. Most of them small things, with a few larger things thrown in the mix.

Pictures of the last two are still on our camera, and I never got a photo of my FIL's Santa Sack with the cinnamon nuts in it, looking all nice and bumpy and bulging.

The two most exciting things finished this year were, of course, Jerome and our 10th year of marriage. Rich and I celebrated our anniversary on New Year's Eve, with friends from church and Rich's parents, about 20 other people at our home. It was pretty low key, but lots of fun. We had a blessing prayed over us at church, and since the 10th anniversary is tin or aluminum, Rich made me an aluminum foil crown. No photos of that, picture Jughead as an Arab female.

I don't know that I really think of this next list as resolutions, but they are some knitting goals for the year. Last year's goals were met with modest success. I finished two entrelac projects, did more of my own designs, started my Christmas knitting in time to actually finish it, and knit more from my stash (though that was made easier by the crazy stash enhancement done in 2005), but I didn't really knit more for myself than usual. So, I will try again this year.

Ranee's Goals for 2007

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