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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday: Quick and Easy Brownie Frosting

This one is kind of a lazy hint, that I think most people know already, but here it goes anyway. Use chocolate chips for frosting brownies.

Last night I made a batch of brownies. They were supposed to go with us to Home Group, but that was cancelled. So, after the kids went to bed, we made brownies anyway, because why not have two people eat a pan of brownies after eating a full dinner and two oranges? There's nothing wrong with that. Why are you looking at us that way? It's only natural, you have no right to judge!

Anyway. So, I made the brownies, and got out my trusty Belgian dark chocolate chips. When the timer went off, I checked the brownies, pulled them out and dumped about a cup and a half of chocolate chips on it. Let that sit until they started to melt, and spread it all around with the spatula. Then I turned on the coffee pot, and we had three brownies each while we watched Pride and Prejudice. If you really want to be fancy, you can press chopped nuts into the melty chocolate chips.

This definitely works for me!

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Only three?? Clearly you showed great personal restraint!
What an fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing. I think this will work for me too!
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