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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tales from the Kitchen Classic: Dinner Last Night

That makes it sound impressive, doesn't it?

Originally posted May 30, 2005 to Tales from the Kitchen

Stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home from church. I needed to pick up a few things, and I browsed a little as well. I found the roasted corn that I had heard about, so I picked that up. We had chicken thawing at home, and canned black beans and rice. So, I bought some of their salsa verde and roasted garlic salsa. At home, Rich grilled the chicken while I sliced strawberries for shortcake. I made an almond buttermilk shortcake and we had heavy cream in the refrigerator already.

Lisa called and wanted to drop off some things she no longer needed, as she is moving, and we invited her and her son to come to dinner with us. After that, I put some rice on to cook, and heated up both the salsas with the roasted corn and a can of black beans, very minimally drained. Heated that up while the last of the chicken cooked and the rice finished steaming and Lisa made a salad. She also brought strawberry swirl ice cream.

We served with a bed of rice, sliced grilled chicken on top and the salsa/corn/black bean stuff on top, salad on the side. It went over well with all of the grownups and kids. Dessert went over even better.

I split the shortcakes, piled on strawberries and drizzled with the strawberry syrup made with the sugar, piped some whipped cream on and sandwiched the top on, then topped with a little dab more of the whipped cream and another drizzle of strawberry syrup. We scooped some ice cream on the side.

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