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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Scavenger Hunt

Because I can not resist any contest, and the Joneses are giving away a $20 gift certificate to the restaurant of your choice if you win this, I am posting my finds in the bloggityville scavenger hunt. $20! This is the big time! That's a date night for us here at Arabian Knits, and we would do a lot for a date night. So, anyway, I think I should get some credit for creativity in my selections. We'll see what Darren and Sara think.

Since I am also a copycat, I will likely host a scavenger hunt of my own sometime this year, once I come up with a good prize for it. Watch this space for details.

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LOVE the fancy shoes! Glad Walmart did too! :)

So glad you are coming to the party - I just added your prize listing tonight. :)
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