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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Last Two FOs of 2006 and First Two of 2007

I finally have the pictures uploaded for you to see.

Nora really loved this, and it was a really quick project to do. It took me about three hours from start to finish. You can buy a kit from The Yarn Garden or go in and buy a skein of the yarn (which makes three of these) and they will give you the pattern for free. The kit comes with a lovely, fancy, sweet smelling soap that is wrapped in what looks like hand made paper, enough yarn to make one and the pattern. I used a honeydew soap I got at the Grocery Outlet.

These are from Last Minute Knitted Gifts and though they said it would take about two hours, it took me about three hours to complete these. However, I still have a bit left of the angora, and it was a 55 yard skein, 10 gms I think, so I need to think of something to use it up. These have no destination, it doesn't get cold enough here for Jerome to need 100% angora booties, unless we lose power, and they are too small for him anyway. The only new babies I know of coming up are due in March, I believe, one in this state, and I don't think that even the NE (where the other will live) is all that cold in March, though they would be cute on. Anyone pregnant with a baby in Newfoundland? Or Alaska? Barring that, I will just set them aside for a baby due in the dead of winter.

I am also one round and one end woven in from having my first FO of the year finished, and about 23 very short rows from having my second FO of the year finished. The first one is a vest for Elijah, an Epiphany gift, that will be posted here. The second won't be posted until its intended recipient receives it. It is a small project, but I thought she ought to get first view.

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