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Friday, January 12, 2007

For Kelli

Since yesterday and today were snow days and Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. day, we have a five day weekend here at the Arabian Knits home. Well, the kids and I do. Rich works harder on snow days, he worked 11 hours on Wednesday, 14 hours yesterday (his day started at around midnight and went through until almost 6:00 p.m. with about two hours in the morning when he came home to rest a little and get cleaned up in the shower) and will likely be a long one today (and someone from the field actually called his boss to complain that he couldn't find Rich - he never called him! - and that he thought he was home in bed! Grrrr. Fortunately, his boss knows Rich better than that, and the fellow who called to complain) as today all the slush and snow is rock solid ice and it's 19 degrees out. Whee! He gets Monday off, at least, so long as the ice starts to melt this weekend, but he said the weather map showed four large H's on the border to Canada, so the cold weather is likely to stick around. Can we send the high pressure system back to Canada? Shouldn't it have to go through customs or something? If we wanted it, we would have moved to Canada. Our little frustrations, though, are nothing to the woman's I'm going to tell you about.

I learned about Kelli from Boo Mama, who is a riot. Kelli posted all sorts of funny comments to Boo Mama's blog, so Boo Mama went to investigate. She read all sorts of things on Kelli's blog to impress her about Kelli, but the most touching thing about her was that she was in a strong marriage to a good man, a mother to two wonderful teenage children and that she was in need of a kidney and was on the waiting list for one, because without it, she will die leaving those children and her husband without a wife and mother. She had to leave her job several months ago because of her condition, and it was through her job that the family had their insurance.

Boo Mama came up with a plan to love on her and her family. She has set up an Amazon Pay Page that will be accessible on the 16th for people to give at least $1.50 that will be donated to Kelli's family. Please read more about it here. The money will help their family offset the costs of COBRA, and the post transplant medications. There is no huge goal here, financially. Not everyone who reads this will be able to contribute, but if you will pray for Kelli and her family, along with or instead of your monetary contribution, perhaps a miracle can take place for them.

I will be checking back at Boo Mama's page on the 16th and praying and offering what we can to help a sister in need. I simply wanted to ask my readers to consider doing the same, or at least to be in prayer for this woman and her family. Even $10 would help this family a little bit. Pray, the Lord will fight for them.

Thanks so much for posting this - I know Kelli will appreciate it, too!

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend - and thanks for the "riot" remark, too. It made me smile.
Thank you- our entire family thanks you. Be blessed.
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