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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

St. Nicholas

was very good to us last night. We awoke to all of our stockings stuffed with good things. Rich, I mean St. Nicholas, brought me a Chris Tomlin CD that I have wanted for some time, plus the cinnamon nuts, mandarin oranges, candy canes, chocolate coins, and jelly beans for all of us. Rich received some wild blueberry jam and Jello, which I otherwise refuse to purchase, but he wanted it so much that St. Nicholas took pity on him and picked up three boxes when it was in the mark down section at the grocery store and saved them for last night. The kids got suckers and other various candies that they usually don't get, and that made them really happy. Jerome, who couldn't eat any of those things, got a stuffed, fabric doll that he can grab and squish and chew on to his heart's content.

So, obviously, I finished both stockings. I also finished Toddle, Amira's Christmas present, as well. There are even pictures to prove it. I finished a not so Itty Santa Bag using size 7 needles and worsted weight yarn, and almost twice the sts (I meant to only add one repeat to the pattern, but cast on so many sts on each needle as she said, but did four needles as I usually do rather than her three). I don't have a picture of this yet. It will be filled with goodies to eat and be given as a gift to someone I know.

Here is Toddle, which was simple and relatively quick to do. I started on row eight rather than row one, because it allowed me to start on a non-cable row, and I ended a little earlier on the other end, so it wouldn't flare out quite as much. It took probably one and a third skeins of Cashmerino Aran, rather than the one listed in the pattern.

This is Elijah's stocking for St. Nicholas. I did some very sad, freehand embroidery. The M is especially wonky, but I didn't want to undo it, so there it is. Any irregularities should not be seen as flaws, but as part of the natural beauty of the item.

I finally made the twisted cord and secured it to the cuff on Amira's Keepsake Baby Stocking. I had to fiddle with this pattern a bit to make it turn out the way the photograph was in the book. It would have been frustrating to me, had I been a beginner knitter, but I liked how it turned out, and it wasn't difficult to make the changes. If you want to know what I changed, let me know.

For those who were curious, the host was photobucket and I did write to them, thanking them for their service and saying that I was concerned about the nature of their advertising. I received a note saying, basically, thanks for writing, bye. I will be checking out the site you recommended webhill, also. The other thing I didn't mention which makes things a little harder on us purchasing at some places is that we try not to buy from places that use sweatshop labor or that have other political practices/activism with which we disagree. This limits our choices quite a bit, especially on the inexpensive end. So, I shop resale mostly, at a very wonderful consignment shop in town, and make what I can, and buy when I can at some of the more expensive places when they have sales.

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