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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Power Outage

Well,the Monthly Color Swap assignments for January will not be sent out until our power comes back on. We were hit with the 50 mph winds (gusts up to 69!) and our power has been out since 11:30 p.m. Thursday night. I'm over at a friend's house right now in a different town, where they still have power.

Perversely,after the winds died down, and relative calm was restored, our phone went out yesterday afternoon. The estimate yesterday for the power returning was two to five days. We are doing alright, though, we have lots of fire wood for the fireplace, two gas grills, a charcoal grill, a fire pit, and a butane stove, plus lots of candles and flashlights. It's cold enough outside that we put coolers and a chocolate cooler outside as a refrigerator, and we have tons of food. Today, we were able to bathe the kids and ourselves at our friends' houses, because St. Martha's was still meeting, and Rich was doing Christmas crafts with the kids at another house. We also have been doing laundry while we are out and one family has invited us to stay for dinner.

The power company crews are steadily working toward us, though, and we are seeing more lights come on, so we are hopeful that we might have power tomorrow night. The airport has been hit pretty well, a few hangar doors ripped off, some roofs torn off, a skylight that levitated off a building and dropped down next to it, two planes that were flipped,tipped or rolled. Our house only had one small section of the roof over the upstairs bathroom was lifted a little bit,and our carport has some festive greenery from the fir and cedar trees on it. We've been selling it as camping in to the kids, and for the most part they are going along with it. Since we just finished the Little House series we have been talking about how we are still doing better than they did. No frost on our noses this morning, our home is sealed well, we have more warm clothes and more blankets than they had, all the fire wood we can use, food and water for weeks, running water and indoor toilets. We are truly blessed.

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Glad you're okay; I've been worried about everyone in that area, and I'm glad to hear that people are getting by alright.
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