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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

I finished the Christmas presents, and even the day before Christmas! I still have a couple Epiphany projects up my sleeve, though, so I can't rest too long. I am pretty wiped out, though, because I was up until 5:00 on Sunday finishing presents, and up until 4:00 this morning wrapping them. We got back from Christmas mass at 2:30 a.m.

All went well until Dominic cracked his forehead on a table, chasing Elijah. So, he got an egg on his head, and it smarted pretty badly. He evidently was confused about the holiday, and thought it was Easter. We got him an ice pack, and he could answer difficult questions about his age, birthdate, what holiday it was, his middle name, things like that. He woke up and the egg was already pretty small, and he's not hurting any more. Good thing he cracked his head after we took the church picture and not before.

Anyway, I realized I had planned to give a scarf to my midwife and had forgotten to account for it. I finished it in April!

I also finally figured out the how to get those felted fish slippers made, and finished them. If anyone is interested in how I did it, I will share. These are them on Elijah's feet this morning.

My sewing machine has become possessed, and so I modified my plan for Dominic's slippers, and sewed them up by hand, using a contrasting color. These were made of the same sweater from which I made Elijah's stocking.

Just for fun, here is Jerome in his Santa booties, playing with his toys. On his right is the doll he found in his stocking for St. Nicholas and on his left is the cool squishy, rattley ball he received for Christmas from his godparents. He cut his first tooth yesterday morning! He's having a great time chewing.

I have pretty much relegated Amira's Church doll to a birthday gift, because of the whole sewing machine debacle, but she adored her scarf and wore it most of the day.

Oh! Rich scanned the boys' school pictures a couple weeks ago, and with all the goings on, I never posted them. Here are Alexander and Dominic in their birthday sweaters.

Rich took a picture of Amira with his phone (his picture phone, as the kids call it) a couple months ago. Somehow the way the light was, and how she was dressed, you could see how she will look at age 12.

Rich said that if you elongated her face a little bit, she would look exactly like she will when she is a teenager.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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