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Monday, November 27, 2006

This Monday, I Mean

Remember how I said I'd try to have pictures up by Monday? Well, it's Monday. I didn't say which one, after all.

Since Cass objected to my posting the booties without their soon to be owner's feet in them, here are a couple pictures of Jerome wearing the stockings.

The stocking on the right is the one I sewed together for Elijah (from my own pattern template with no supervision!), the one on the left is Amira's, from Christmas Stockings from Interweave Press. It's the Baby's Keepsake Stocking, only using a different fluffy yarn, because I could never find the other one, and in burgundy and pink. Oh, and I'm not doing the ribbon and photo thing. Also, if you follow their directions, the braid won't show up right, so I turned the knitting inside out when I finished the cuff and started the stripe rounds in the other direction to make it work.

This one is of him smiling and wiggling around, it is blurry.

I can't keep my photos current with my actual progress, though. So, this is where I was last week when I took the picture. I have turned the heel and am doing the decreases on the gusset.

And here is a detail shot of the cuff and braid.

I'm also working on a design for myself in a nice, sprucey, foresty green. It gets tossed aside when I am in a crunch for gifts, so it will be some time coming before it is finished, I'm sure.

The wall o'yarn and the Christmas projects looming and the UFOs and the WIPs and the embroidery for Elijah's stocking, and...did not stop me from picking up some lovely Baby Soft from Lana Gatto in a coral color and some Dubai Stretch from Needful Yarns in pale pink and white (to go with the deep pink and black I already have) to work on a couple designs. There was a sale, and I had been planning the purchase anyway. One day, you will see them here.

So cute!
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