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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day Musings & Charity

If you are eligible to vote today, please do so. I will be taking the three youngest with me to vote in about an hour. I will also have this

with me to work the ends in while I wait. It is the first of Elijah's felted fish slippers, pre-felting. I am glad to vote, because I think it my duty as a citizen and as a Christian, (and because it gives me a right to complain about my government) but I will be SO glad to have the bazillion political phone calls a day ended. I think they should be outlawed. I also think those lawn signs should be outlawed anywhere but on actual lawns of actual people who ask for them.

Anyway, a few days ago, I finished the knitting on Jerome's Santa Booties, I need to sew up the seams and crochet chain ties. Does anyone have a good method for sewing up this type of bootie? Using mattress stitch looks funny, I've already undone it. Should I just sew the sole with the wrong sides together and an overhand seam?

Since we recently had some great news about a friend who just had a daughter, I whipped up a very girly, ruffled, shades of pink baby hat last night. I won't give too many other details, lest the mother read it here and guess for whom it was made. I used this pattern, but used a size 10 needle for the ruffle and size 7 for the main part of the hat. I also haven't decided if I will add any flowers to it. What do you think?

I think I am too late to really organize a good campaign to raise knitterly items and money for a charitable organization this year, so I will instead point you toward this. Lynne is collecting mittens for a ministry in Buffalo, NY. Although they can use money for a new van, and other things, the pastor who leads it has said that the kids to whom they minister are in great need of mittens. I haven't read of where to send the mittens yet, but it isn't too early to start knitting, she needs them by December 10th.

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