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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Atlantis, We Have a Problem

I wove in all the ends on the fish slipper. I felted it Monday. It is too small. Way too small. The cuff, ankle and heel fit, but the main part of the foot is too tight for a four year old, let alone a four year old with wider than average feet anyway. So, I am going to make another one, on larger needles, with more sts and use stripes instead of stranded colorwork, so there won't be the double thickness there. I'm also going to move the fins back a little bit on the sides. Here is our tiny St. Nicholas stocking for Jerome, then, which will fit a rattle in it quite nicely.

I did, however, finish Jerome's Santa Booties last night. The good thing about making something for a baby is that you can try it on him, and it doesn't ruin the surprise.

That is seven out of sixteen gifts made. Or eight out of seventeen, if we think of the "stocking" as another gift.

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You are awesome. And so far ahead of me. LOL!

Ahem! Don;t you think the booties would make better blog fodder if the baby was in them????? Hmmmm??
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