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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It's All About the Colors

The baby shower for my anesthesiologist's wife was last night. Several people brought hand knit and hand crocheted gifts and there was a quilted wall hanging. After seeing several fine gauge baby sweaters with matching hats and dolls, some with stripes, some with picot edgings, I thought my gift would look a little simple. It got the most oohs and ahhs, however. You see the folks bought the hand knit sweaters, so they didn't know that they took more time and effort than mine did. They were so wowed with the color variations in mine, so it seemed the most impressive of the bunch.

Along with the sweater, I gave her an old fashioned baby photo album with the pockets and vellum between the pages and a coordinating frame. She seemed very happy with them, and I'm sure both she and her husband will be taking lots of photographs with which to fill them. Their daughter is beautiful, half Hispanic, half European, with fair skin and dark hair. She and Jerome were quiet and sweet through the whole party.

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