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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Four Finished Objects

In a flutter of finishing, I have made the final iteration of my Shower's This Weekend Baby Sweater, the pattern is posted on the free pattern blog. It is knit in the round at a huge gauge, 3 1/2 spi, with two yarns held together. It's basically a boxy sweater with a huge slash neck for hugely proportioned baby heads.

A Faux Fair Isle newborn hat with one of the leftover yarns,

a matching Shower's in an Hour Baby Hat to match the first Shower Sweater, this pattern is posted as well, though anyone can make it up on his own.

After finishing these three, I picked up seven leftover bits of worsted weight yarn and made a Cap of Many Colors, like Joseph's coat.

This is Jerome modeling it for us:

Babies can get away with wearing loud colors and outlandish designs that wouldn't look all that cute on an older person.

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I think that hat would be cute on anybody regardless of age and I love that it is like the coat of many colors! Good job on all your FO's!
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