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Monday, September 25, 2006

Mystery Vogue Knitting Issue

I am pretty sure I bought an issue of VK which featured a collection of Victorian inspired patterns. However, I cannot find it, nor can I remember which issue it was. I have loaned out my Fall 2004 issue, but I vaguely remembered it being a more recent one. If anyone has any idea which issue it was, please let me know, so I know what I am looking for, and can get it if I didn't actually buy it.

Thank you to Debra who let me know that it was the Holiday 2005 issue. It turns out that I looked at the exact place it was seven times before it registered that it was a magazine under those two books and not another book. Ah, lifestyles of the messy and sleepless!

I am almost finished with Joe. I have three more rounds to do on the neck. I ended up adding 12 more stitches instead of six. Six would have fit, but this leaves more room and I didn't want to have to undo it again, if it were too snug. Picture day is tomorrow.

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