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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

More Photos

I finished three things in five days. On the 26th, while Jerome was being circumcised (Rich went with him, I waited in the examination room), I finished a garterlac washcloth.

On the 28th I finished a crocheted bath puff from Crochet Me.

On the 30th I finished an Everybody's Doing it Shrug, even with a baby in the house, it took me only two evenings. I don't have a photo of this yet, as I haven't had a chance to both have it on and be near someone else with a camera.

Just for kicks, here is a photo of Jerome from church on Sunday.

I haven't had the time and concentration level to fix the neckline on Joe, but I have only two or three weeks to do it in time for picture day.


he is already getting so big! your washcloth and bath puff look great! Can't wait to see the everybody's doing it shrug
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