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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Knitting Mothers' One Skein Stash Swap & Other News

Knitting Mothers is having a one skein stash swap to celebrate our first anniversary. I am very excited and have been looking all over for one skein patterns. If you would like to be a part of the swap, you need to join Knitting Mothers, which means you must be a knitting mother. The deadline to join the swap is Monday, the 25th of September. What it involves is picking a single skein of yarn from your stash (something you like) and mailing it off to an assigned partner with an idea or two on what to do with it. We've been compiling a list of free internet one skein patterns also.

In other, more exciting news (to me, anyway), Jerome has been smiling pretty regularly since the 13th. He gave his first real smile to Rich over Labor Day weekend, but was pretty sparing with them until last week. We're hoping to catch him in the act with the camera soon.

Picture day is next week, and I have been working on the neck on Joe. It will be finished in time, and then both Dominic and Alexander will have a sweater from me to wear.

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