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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Two FOs, One Almost FO

It will take me some time to get pictures posted, but I finished a knit object and a crocheted object. I would have had Joe finished, but the neck is too tight, so I will be ripping back and adding six sts as soon as Jerome allows. I whipped up one of the garterlac dishcloths in a day, finished it on Saturday, and just yesterday finished a crocheted flower bath puff. Both will be part of Christmas gifts.

Jerome continues to grow and is still a very sweet baby. He nurses like a champ, has from the beginning, and is a quiet and easily calmed child. He does need a lot of mama time, but I don't begrudge him that. Today is my first day at home without full time help, as Rich went back to work. Rich gets Amira up in the morning, and comes home at lunch to check on us and do the things I can't right now. Fortunately, meals are taken care of for the most part, and we have enough in the freezer to last until I am up to cooking regularly again.

More later.

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