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Monday, August 14, 2006

Still Working on Joe

Well, on Friday, I ended up having enough energy to get some cleaning done around here. So, I did that rather than sewing up a seam. I finished one side seam on Saturday, and I've started a sleeve seam, but pretty much have been too exhausted to do much else. I have an opportunity to have some time to work on it tomorrow, so I hope to be a little closer to finished. I'd really like to have this done before I enter the hospital on Friday.

Thanks to Venita at Vintage Knits Wool Shoppe, I will have some nice sock yarn to play with, and she also special ordered some Helen's Lace in Aslan for me. I thought I'd put in a plug for her here because of that. She has great prices, great service, she usually has a good sale on something going on, there are discounts if you spend more than $100 or $200 and if you get on her mailing list, she will send you additional coupons to use. I like her quite a bit. And the Helen's Lace was the cheapest price I have ever found it anywhere, she let me use the current month's coupons on the order, even though it was a special order.

I have most of the things we need for the hospital set aside and ready to go, including the knitting I am planning on bringing. I always bring too many books and too many projects with me, anywhere I go, let alone to a hospital where I will be having deep abdominal surgery and a new baby to look after, but I pack them nonetheless. If all goes as expected, I should be home Sunday or Monday morning at the latest. I've already told Rich that I'm going to ask the staff to start working on my discharge papers at around 6:30 a.m. on Sunday. I doubt I'll be blogging much right after our baby is here, but I will get at least a photo and some statistics up for our biggest FO of the year.

You must have your baby by now. I hope your surgery went well and that you're already healing quickly. My prayers are with you, your family, and your new son or daughter.
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