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Friday, August 04, 2006

Modifications to Square Play - Knitter's Summer 2004

Alright, I used a yarn that could be knit at worsted to sport weight, and knit on the tighter end of gauge to get 6 spi. It took about 306 yards of yarn, including the yarn sewn in the seams.

I cast on 14 sts for the first square, and followed the directions for the smallest size in the pattern throughout, matching the charts and direction of the entrelac squares as given in the pattern. Wherever the pattern said 20 sts, I used 14, wherever it said 19 sts, I used 13, in the few places where it said something like 17 sts, I worked 11. If it said to knit 22 rows, I knit 16, if it said 24 rows, I did 18. When it was time to pick up for the neck, I picked up 84 sts and worked the mitered decreases in each corner, it would have been fine using 82 sts. For the armhole bands, I picked up 78 sts and worked the mitered decreases only in the bottom two corners, the corners where squares 7 and 15 and 27 and 28 met on the front and where 7 and 15 and 29 and 30 met on the back. All other directions for number of sts or rows, I followed as per the pattern.

This resulted in a top that was 24 inches around, 10 1/2" from the front neck to the hem and 13" long from the back neck to the hem.

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